Wednesday, 30 June 2010


"ok Amelia" mca said "this is how it will go....I climb the paint them"- after a real lengthy discussion about exactly what this bit at Bonehill is called, 'the wave', 'the green room' well there was a name for it, I'm pretty sure there was, hmmm
oh I don't know, it's a guy know, bouldering and testosterone and "it's a V10, nah it's a V20" whatever that means...needless to say mca did really well climbing it right up to the point of major plummetation, " it's a V-harder than it looks" I commented to the not so amused pumped and chalky types looking daggers at the gobby goth chick who was now chuckling away to herself under her dreads...anyway, the painting is done...varnish going on tomorrow so long as it isn't too hot and  oh I am
still waiting for the title please mr. mca.....oo.....I think that I may have really exceeded my caffeine intake this morning, my hands seem to leave mini vapour trails when I move them sooo, um, what to do...I know, a lie down with Byron and a bit of Morcheeba

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