Wednesday, 30 June 2010


"ok Amelia" mca said "this is how it will go....I climb the paint them"- after a real lengthy discussion about exactly what this bit at Bonehill is called, 'the wave', 'the green room' well there was a name for it, I'm pretty sure there was, hmmm
oh I don't know, it's a guy know, bouldering and testosterone and "it's a V10, nah it's a V20" whatever that means...needless to say mca did really well climbing it right up to the point of major plummetation, " it's a V-harder than it looks" I commented to the not so amused pumped and chalky types looking daggers at the gobby goth chick who was now chuckling away to herself under her dreads...anyway, the painting is done...varnish going on tomorrow so long as it isn't too hot and  oh I am
still waiting for the title please mr. mca.....oo.....I think that I may have really exceeded my caffeine intake this morning, my hands seem to leave mini vapour trails when I move them sooo, um, what to do...I know, a lie down with Byron and a bit of Morcheeba

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


am I in a mood?...thinks for a minute...well ok, yes- picture this-
I have just walked a fairly long way in this very hot heat, with all this hair
to the cake emporium to purchase...well, cake you see-
I point at the large thing that may or may not contain nuts and the cake lady
hands me it with the request for thirty pence due to the aforementioned cake 
being on what she called a 'special'-
I returned to the studio with a very large grin on my pale and anemic face
due to my triumphant purchase (there's nothing as unnerving to the 
casual bystander as a smiling really!)
as I climb the stairs swinging my soon to be devoured richly glazed
e-numberfest  from the corner of the white paper bag, there was a
slightly audible 'shhhrp' closely followed by a highly audible
'doof doof doof' as my prize cake descended the stairs without me-
I now sit here cross legged on the floor picking, well I really
don't know what off the fluffy and slightly tarnished icing.....
I may be some time, in fact it will soon be tea time so the answer to my first yes!

"oi abby"

er...what? I replied...
well, not exactly the first time really that I've had that bellowed at me from
across a carpark or crowded ale house, this time it just happened to be
morrisons' 'just outside the coffee shop bit' (there's no real technical term
for it) from a very smartly dressed sort carrying a rather excessive
(well I thought it was) amount of croissants
"oo no" I half replied "Pauley Perrette is extremely
I'm just pretty extreme", exit stage right

kigurumi or not to kigurumi

oooo...deep sigh,
well it's been six weeks since I started to sculpt that kigurumi
mask from polystyrene and clay and she is still staring at me from across the
bedroom in that "so when are you going to finish me" fashion....yes yes I know
is the reply to Noriko (that is what she will be called when she is finally
popped out of the fibreglass mould)...mca has first dibs on Noriko version 1
for the up and coming fancy dress extravaganza that is Lou's party in St.Mellion
on my favourite day of the year...HALLOWEEN!
hmmm...thoughts...just picturing mca right now, lumbering around across the
border in Trev's pub dressed as a very scary 6ft manga sailor moon type
assassin with his bright pink hello kitty M16
hee hee, sooo cool, oh but I have to finish the mask though...mood now!