Tuesday, 29 June 2010

kigurumi or not to kigurumi

oooo...deep sigh,
well it's been six weeks since I started to sculpt that kigurumi
mask from polystyrene and clay and she is still staring at me from across the
bedroom in that "so when are you going to finish me" fashion....yes yes I know
is the reply to Noriko (that is what she will be called when she is finally
popped out of the fibreglass mould)...mca has first dibs on Noriko version 1
for the up and coming fancy dress extravaganza that is Lou's party in St.Mellion
on my favourite day of the year...HALLOWEEN!
hmmm...thoughts...just picturing mca right now, lumbering around across the
border in Trev's pub dressed as a very scary 6ft manga sailor moon type
assassin with his bright pink hello kitty M16
hee hee, sooo cool, oh but I have to finish the mask though...mood now!

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