Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mistress Crimson Ophelia

Well at last, the first photo-rendition for the Pre Raphaelite inspired series of paintings
is ready for enlarging on the A2 printer. For the fans of John Everett Millais, the
first and most obvious comparison is that I'm not wet, in fact I am nowhere near
the Denmark based stream that Ophelia drowned in after falling from the overhanging tree
just as in the Shakespearian play. Another very obvious and notable point is that
gone is the pose of the late victorian martyrs with the upturned face and
open arms which has been replaced with something of a more contemporary stance.
It was mentioned that my Ophelia would not have drowned in the famous stream
but more likely succumbed to her icy death in the bottom of a pint glass full
of Magner's.......oh your an art philistine mca.

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Intoxication of Burlesque Desire

I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;

Thank you Byron..nicely written sir....unfortunately, not wholly appropriate for the glorious
weather that is making it's unusually early appearance this year. This means one thing for
me...suncream and a big parasol to reflect the damaging and spiteful rays from ravaging my alabaster complexion. Recently I have taken to wearing extremely burlesque inspired
clothing, initially for a photoshoot with Mca, but now it seems that impossibly proportioned
heels and backseamed stockings are creeping into my daily repertoire with ease. The whole gothic-burlesque thing may be my next obsession, like Bettie Page and Blythe
dolls. Before I got too sidetracked with incredible clothing, the beginning of last month saw
an enormous spanner inserted sideways into the delicate workings of the angelvixen
machine of creativity. Mca was trying to finish off some artwork for me, when completely unannounced, his large iMac decided to die a bit. After a period of total panic, he
decided to pay a visit to the Apple refurb store to replace the defective workstation......
Hmm grumpy bit, he was upgraded from the i5 intel to the 27 inch i7 intel without incurring
any extra cost. Happy and extremely envious all at the same time...
oh I want a quad core now!
The artwork that he was doing for me is going to be the working images for my up and
coming pre-raphaelite, gothic inspired tales of folklore and legendary ultravixens which
seems to be well overdue at the moment. Too many distractions for this girl....which brings
me back to the weather. We have been drinking lots of gin at the moment rather like
Victorian alcoholic down and outs, and contrary to popular belief......it really isn't going out
of fashion. Amongst the drinking, open air dining and random chit chat about life in general,
there has been a lot of hula hooping going on as well. Me...well I really cant do it, my coordination seems to be awful, Moomin however is getting really good though. She can do tricks and all sorts of clever things, only once did she do some sort of flashy move up above
her head to a slight fluff on the return which resulted her hoop flying through the air and
hitting me in the face and knocking me onto my back. So as I said, distractions...my
gaze becomes diverted quite easily from my work to the great outdoors all too frequently
these days (shakes fist in a threatening manner at the orange ball of fire in the sky)
but I guess it's better than shaking my fist at copious amounts of wet stuff.
Another by product of the summer is the wearing of flip flops....I have never ventured down
that road due to my old fashioned attitude to covering everything up...."just go on line and
have a look" Moomin commanded, and so I did. Ultimately I saw exactly what I wanted and ordered them immediately. "Yay..what did you order?" Moomin enquired with excitement
in her voice.....quietly I answered "oh....er...fourteen hole Doctor Martins in black
with purple laces"