Saturday, 3 July 2010

"yooo what!" you can see, 'noriko' is ready for the fibreglass mould to be fitted which resulted
in me paying a visit to the the "24 hour world of tools and stuff" to buy the 
things to make a start-I was greeted by a fairly young guy who made me feel at
ease as this was clearly 'man world' when it came to purchasing glass fibre
products-just before I could enquire, 'young guy' was immediately replaced by
'big guy with moustache' who gave me a fairly frosty look and asked
"can I help?" making me feel as though I was under scrutiny from the counter
staff-"er..I need some gelcoat"I started to say but was cut off mid sentence by
'magnum PI'......"oh yes, gelcoat, what sort and what for, there are many kinds,
it can be very complicated!" he softened" hee hee, I mean it's not something as
straightforward as painting your nails is it love?"
cue me...I glared back across the counter as I started to see red from behind my
fixed gaze " sounds as though you know a lot about painting your nails"
I responded to 'magnum PI'..."do you borrow your girlfriend's when she is
out or do you buy your own....oh, forgive me, I am presuming a lot, you may 
actually be sharing your boyfriend's instead"
I was seeing red and by now'magnum PI was turning a very impressive shade of
it as well..."so to recap" I said "tooling so I can polish up the surface
for the PVA release agent and wax  for the three part mould"
"I will get it for you" 'magnum PI' said as he scurried off out back-
"nice" said one of the other guys "he can be such a tool sometimes....well done"
"I haven't even started yet" I said in a low voice as I stared back through
narrowing eyes-"here you go" 'magnumPI said as he gave me the bits that I
had asked for "thank you" I said " there is one thing you can help me with as 
you are obviously very knowledgeable and know more about the subject than me"
'magnum PI' looked like he had the chance to redeem himself by answering
a fibreglass related question "the problem I'm having" I said " is streaks and can I avoid these when I put on really dark purple nail varnish?" 


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