Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Rebirth of the Oak King

Mother Earth I offer to you this song

For I am earth

and to the Earth, I belong

Mother Earth

help me grow as you need me to

Mother Earth

show me what I am here to do

'Cause I am growing, I am changing

on this darkest day

I am growing, I am changing

in my darkest place

I am growing, I am changing

on this darkest day

I am growing, I am changing

in my darkest place

Blessed Be!

On this shortest day of the year my thoughts turn to the more spiritual things,
however, the casual observer may not agree as I sit here eating Pringles and listening
to 'smells like teen spirit' at a fairly hefty volume. Dartmoor doesn't appear to be
doing its winter sleep as usual, and in turn it is confusing my hibernation
schedule and for those who know me, if my routine gets broken I can become
quite unsettled. The illicit and highly improbable love child of Abby Sciuto and
Sheldon Cooper has been launched comparatively in my direction.....if it
weren't true I would say NOT fact I will say NOT FUNNY
anyway just to provoke stimulating confrontation.

"He painted in the dark until he went completely mad....either that
or he died of lead poisoning"

Painting is now back on the agenda as I have recently rediscovered my mojo in a
visionary and most spectacular fashion. A long distant friend has breezed
through my art career which was just enough to start the Amelia Monster
springing back to life again. His huge success has been an inspiration which is
good....what is not good is the fact that I have been painting all week and I
have been neglecting Christmas present buying duties, so what better day to
finish my reluctant journey into consumerism than tomorrow's winter solstice
although I just know Costas coffee will be luring me into her depths via the
overpowering spell of the bean.

"Orange is this season's black"

Ok...not really. The big dramatic change to my appearance was the subtle colour
change to my hair from raven black to pre raphaelite fire maiden, or jaffa cake orange
as it was also called, so once again.....NOT FUNNY! The main drawback
was that every mirror I passed, there in front of me was the Lady of Shallot
staring back at me. I suspect that the December backdrop wasn't exactly the correct time
of year that Millais had envisaged the colouring to be set, and with that firmly fixed
in my mind, a hour of messing around with dye and scissors and hey presto, Bettie
Page is back in the Devonian longhouse.

"I managed to fix the clock...and I have all these bits left over"

My very old clock has been acting up and chiming at bizarre times. When asking
someone in the know about what the problem may be, there came the reply
"have you tried turning it off and on again" followed by hysterical laughter.
NOT FU.........well you know what I said by now. The clock is now working again
but other things are acting up (and the full moon has long passed so it's
not that) My iPad has started doing weird things to apps..Moomin with her
identical tablet with identical apps isn't having trouble. I think that the further up the
valley from Bovey that one goes, technology seems to become overwhelmed by
granite crystal energy (as I mentioned in a previous post) The Apple store hate it
when I come in and blame crystal energy playing a huge part in corrupting
their IOS devices, I need lead lined covers for my technology around the home.

"and now for something completely different"

Food has been playing a starring role in the lead up to Christmas. Picky teas and mad
hatter's tea parties, all washed down with copious amounts of cider have been
on the agenda. Dancing around the front room to the Monster Ball again as we
sang along to the full Gaga repertoire. Sleeping....well at last. Purchasing even
more shoes via the powers of Amazon. Watching lost ramblers pass the house, not
once but four times......NOT FUNNY FOR THEM...highly amusing for us. Making
more clothes by hand and turning my fingers into pin cushions as I watched
Diagnosis Murder in a Dick Van Dykeathon. Most of all....looking forward to
Christmas with friends and family.

So tomorrow morning I shall be up at five thirty and lighting the candle to welcome
the sun back into our lives. After spending a deeply relaxed morning, this fair
maiden will leave her homestead to do battle with the fearsome dragons and
trolls of the village as they shop for last minute Christmas presents.
Happy Yuletide good people x


  1. Hi angelvixen..I enjoyed your musings and your unique perspective. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Why thank you so much Wendy. It's always a delight to hear from people who might read my random series of ramblings and appreciate my sometimes slightly elongated view of the world =)