Saturday, 5 March 2011

Elementary Photophobic Premonition

Having never really recovered from that incident with Mca and the irretrievable Blythe doll, I
recently found myself shopping the other day with his good lady of all things holistic- Nic, for the usual girlie nonsense and shoe based products in their home town of the northern shire.
I was indeed on a mission for a pair of super swish cat eye sunglasses but wasn't having an
awful lot of luck as nowhere had them.
As we approached a charity shop my heart suddenly lurched and I ran towards the window
and to what I thought to be a much sought after 70's doll. My lurching heart sank as it
turned out to be a a really tacky Bratz variety sitting there looking like a bit of a loose maiden.
But eyes drifted to the left and "OMG.......LOOK....I DON'T BELIEVE IT" I yelled
as I spotted the large headed, googly eyed beauty sitting there by a 'Thomas the tank
engine' staring back at me from behind the glass.
I launched myself through the door nearly flattening a lady who was struggling with a
heavy bag of groceries and nearly knocked over a man with a walking stick too. I grabbed
the doll from the window and stood there in totally stunned disbelief as Nic came
up beside me. "Well, is it?" she asked as I stood there still staring at one of the most
elusive prizes that I could ever imagine finding. "Yes...Takara version, 2002....she's mine!"
Now this is the really spooky bit!
Nic suddenly pointed it out, I had missed the obvious thing......the oh so obvious thing.
"Who does she look like, I mean look...long raven black hair, blunt cut fringe, black
fitted long sleeved top and a pair of gold pvc trousers" Nic whispered....."IT'S ME!"
I replied, the similarity was uncanny, I have to say that if I had to choose one Blythe doll
from a shop FULL of Blythe dolls, then this would be the one...the EXACT one.
Oo there are indeed very mystic and great powers at work here....and incidentally,
I never got the cat eye sunglasses.

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