Tuesday, 31 August 2010

groundhog day with spilt tea

Pauley Perrette has her 'threeoclockdance' break and we really love that idea- just imagine
it became compulsory...a divorcing couple throwing plates and arguing over who gets
 custody of the dog and...."uh oh, it's 3 o clock...better shimmy!" or the fighting ninja
assassins in mid tango "you move delightfully Moonshadow Star San, but when we finish
this erotic dance of love.....I must kill you, your family, your friends, your friend's family....
and your goldfish!"- well now....I have noticed that I have a similar thing, not always at
three o clock, but at least once a day, every day!
what happens is that I have a tendency of at least ONE moment of involuntary madness-
this is the most recent example of what is best described as totally unnecessary behavior   
a popular Dartmoor tor based eatery out of the back of a van..(names have been changed
to protect the innocent) Moomin and I were to meet friends there but they became very
lost somewhere between Chagford and Bovey so it allowed us indulge in tea based
activities..."hey it's three o clock anyway" so tea was requested and the large, scary burger
lady obliged- she placed two mugs on the sparkling worktop and turned away for the 
teapot....it was at precisely this moment that I noticed the purple mug...I wanted it,
unfortunately Moomin had the same idea and after the tea was filled to the brim, both
our hands grabbed hold of it-"don't you want the yellow one?" Moomin asked "er...no
I want this one" I said, tightening my grip- we both tugged it in opposing directions which
caused tea to spill all over large, scary burger lady's worktop...she gave us both a really hard stare stopping the squabbling, well.... for a bit- grabbing the yellow mug too, we both
accompanied the purple chalice  back to my car, spilling tea painfully down our legs-
back at the car I visually followed the typhoo trail back to the van where large, scary burger
lady was still mopping up at giving us mature, grown up girls an even harder stare out of the 
window- looking down I had now noticed that there wasn't much tea left in the purple
mug....I bit my lip and giggled "ok Moomin, I'm going to be soo lovely and let you have this,
 I will settle for the yellow one" Moomin had the same idea " oh no, I insist you have it"
both our grips tightened around the yellow mug now causing tea to pour all over our
feet with burning drips- eventually we both gazed down at the empty mugs and felt quite
ashamed, especially when the mugs had to be returned to large, scary burger lady who was 
still giving us both a 'perishing look' "trouble making goths!" I imagined she was thinking
when purchasing tea...ask for two identical mugs....
failing that...rock,paper,scissors,lizard,spock 

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