Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Spelling Mistakes Through The Medium of Light Art

A magnificent display of golden hues gently spreading across the ancient woodlands and open
fields that laid before me, filling me with awe and delight as the warming sunlight woke the
sleeping land upon this morn of the summer solstice....."the weather is going to be horrid" 
Moomin barked over her large stripey mug of tea , snapping me from my romantic dreams and
back into reality.
Indeed she may be right, the forecasters on the television made pained faces and frowned a lot
when they predicted the impending wet stuff that would surely dampen the early morning
revelry......but not mine, my enthusiasm was as big as a bus, a big bus full of positivity and
determination to take at least one decent photo of the sunrise.

Wednesday 20th June......4am

As I glimpsed over the top of the sanctuary of my duvet, I couldn't help but notice the curtains
doing their horizontal thing in the cold morning breeze. Without prompting I shortly found 
myself in the kitchen boiling a kettle and jamming camera things into bags for my mini
adventure. Ten minutes later I was driving through the inky blackness of the Devonian morning
as I searched for a good vantage point to park.
The pull in was perfect, the car shielded me from the wind as I set the tripod up behind it
facing eastwards. After clonking the 7D in place I turned my attentions to caffeine. 
My second rude awakening of the day, the flask of hot water had once contained a fruit drink,
I was already taking my chances with coffee of an instant form, which I dislike, so you can 
imagine my reaction when I tasted the fusion of 'awful' with even more 'awful' from an 
awful plastic mug. It was at precisely this moment that an early morning tractor decide to
pass me in mid fury. The poor driver must have wondered as to why a darkly dressed
gothic type girl was hopping around by the side of the road shaking her hands in the in the air
in disgust at this unearthly hour. "Oh it's just Amelia" would be the more than likely reaction.

Wednesday 20th June.....magic sunrise 

Pray let me describe this amazing spectacle for you dear reader as it surely needs sharing. This is 
exactly how the marvellous event went. Dark......dark.....dark.....dark.......light!
What?.....where was the sunrise?.....where were the colours?....what was THAT?
My pout of extreme disappointment must have been highly visible for the now audibly
waking birds who seemed to be laughing, that would be laughing in my direction by the way.
After trying to write rude words to sum up my dismay with a torch on an extended shutter I
decided to return to the ever appealing comfort of my probably still warm duvet.

It was pointed out at a later date that the word that I aimed to spell out in the darkened 
cobalt morning air actually has two L's....oh b******* (again)

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