Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Poised on the Void of a Never Ending Yesterday

"'s August!" well, that's how the conversation went, short but very much
to the point. The up and coming steampunk weddingfest of my two closest friends
required that I somehow manufactured this ten foot high, pumpkin headed scary
scarecrow that was clearly based on one of my illustrations for the Wiccan 
blessing within the district of Hound tor. "Oh goody" I said, closely followed by
"oh bloody hellfire" when I realized the very big ask. All this at a time where my
new studio just doesn't seem to get any closer to completion....and......let's just
say that I really need it, especially for ten foot pumpkin headed monsters.
As well as my failing to materialize studio, I have been working on the up and
coming 'angelvixen' and 'mystik pixie' website, that like my new studio....was well
overdue. "I just don't seem to be getting anywhere" I ranted at mca..."huh!" he
answered, well he was obviously under a considerably larger amount of stress
than me due to the fact that his duo core imac is no longer duo coring as a result
of his hard drive suffering from a slightly fatal dose of death.
I met up with the happy couple at Heltor rock a week ago for a very elaborate 
picnic. They climbed up the hard way while I sat on top looking like a very
windswept Bettie Page being attacked by wasps as I tried to take photos of
the surrounding land. We then ate our combined body weight in crackers and
garlic cheese before departing for Blackingstone rock and cake. I love the 'multi
locations for different courses' picnics. 
One thing that I have discovered recently is something that for me, is such a bad
idea. The horror that is....daytime drinking. I was at friends recently when we got to 
toasting something or other with sparkling wine, I guess it must have been a valid form
of celebration, unfortunately I forget exactly what. The toasting went on....more wine, 
more clinking glasses, I think at one point we were toasting each others cats, even more
 of a puzzle as I do not possess a cat. Finally, it was over and I had launched myself along
the lane in a very vague (but correct) direction of  the Vanstone family home, a walk
that may well have exceeded its regulation fifteen minutes by a good hour. The 
following morning certainly started with a question..."what the....." which was soon 
accompanied by the cry of "ohh my head" and then the statement....."never again!"

Today is the greatest
Day I ’ve ever kown
Can’t live for tomorrow
Tomorrow’s much too long
I burn my eyes out
Before I get out

-smashing pumpkins-

Well...there we go....I came up with some smashing!

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