Thursday, 10 February 2011

Blythe Faerie Trauma

Recently I have been lurking around woodlands in a moody victorian style with the hope
of coming across tree faeries again. Mca happened to pass comment about something to
do with madness and boxes of frogs or something but I chose to ignore it.
However, he did notice that Luna my faerie doll bore a striking resemblance to another
doll that he was holding in his very hands not three months ago.
"Exactly the same googly eyes and enormous head" he said as he examined Luna in
a very methodical manner. As Luna was of the Blythe tribe I enquired if he was at a toy
fair or antique market. " shop" he said..."WHAT!" I said.
He went on "yes a basket that announced, small toys 50p and large toys £1.50...I assumed
that the doll was in the large toy category"......."WHAT!" I repeated, now clearly with
visible signs of what best can be described as tears of disbelief welling up behind my
extremely black (but luckily waterproof) lashes.
"Noooo, this can't be" I said as I grabbed hold of mca and dragged him into my studio.
I fired up my sleeping imac and googled Blythe dolls and then pointed at the screen.
"You see the, look" I yowled as I carried on frantically tapping
at the the shiny images. "Oh.....OH!" mca replied "clearly the £1.50 may well have been
regarded as somewhat of a bargain" he went on. "Yes" I said in a hushed voice "I think
I need a bit of a lie down"
"Drama queen" he shouted after me as I floated off in the direction of my room.......
I won't tell you what I shouted back!

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