Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn Ramblings

ok...I'm really excited, tomorrow is the first of October and that means the witching
month has arrived- Halloween's coming YAY!
the season is changing into the most mooky and inspirational month of the year
for me so I'm out all the time with my 'serious' camera getting working photos-
last Sunday we found ourselves in yet another woodland mooching about with no real
agenda...I did however make a promise to myself that I wouldn't be jumping out the
holly bushes on any passing jolly ramblers like last passing resemblance to
a forest vampire is pretty good, so I opted for the possible coronary inducing antics
to be kept to a minimum..we did find the best rope swing that Moomin couldn't get on,
I could though and laughed at her as she had to just stand there pouting due to her
missing out on the swinging action...the pout didn't last, it turned to hysterical laughter
as I unceremoniously fell on my face when I tried the glamorous
lippy, check hair, brush off leaves and then commence chasing Moomin along the
track, weilding my tripod like a three pronged samurai sword- It wasn't until we ended
up in our usual tea drinking parlor that I noticed black is the wrong colour to wear
for the purpose of rolling about in dirt-
ooo I had an idea....'cyber slumber'- this is how it goes,
1: tell as many girl (or boy) friends to kindly pass on the information
2: choose a night when there's a good film on the tv (this is SLUMBERNIGHT!)
3: popcorn, cider, chocolates, nibbles (face masks optional)
4: everyone get ready on facebook chat
5: comfy slippers, bat jammies, fluffy hoodies, well you get the picture
6: commence the slumber!
dreads dreads dreads....oh I'm now in the middle of contemplation about the next
batch of hair falls that I'm going to have to back comb into wearability- my friend Nic
is in dire need for some due to her ever looming nuptials next year to which I'm
invited, so I need a dress but better avoid that little pvc number that I have had my
little eye on over there at the lovely keeps talking to me by saying
"buy me...yooo neeed me"
ooh I do and I will, the only thing is that a pvc minidress isn't, well...appropriate
..........or is it?

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